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what do u call 2 cops, 1 angry mom, and 9 guys against spread eagle against a garage... MY HOUSE LAST NIGHT.

let me set the mood. me spado coffey spiegal matt and sauser at my house... 6 o clock that night spado gets a quarter keg..we tap it by 7 and me and him drink till 9 waitin for everyone else cause we are PIONEERS. people come. we pong. me and sauser dominate AS EXPECTED. so they people want wawa run. "dude we are all a little drunk." alright..lets walk..fuck cars.. so ant and matt stay back while me spiegal coffey and sauser walk there. get our shit. me and sauser leave together and eventually spiegal and coffey follow but pretty far behind so we get back before them.

i go in the garage and there are 3 xtra people there. jackoff (jack coffey) courtney and his friend....they said they probably would come but they did. so whatever. i say whats up. 3 seconds later courtney comes in from takin a piss and says "cops are talkin to coffey and the other fuck"

we panic....i hide the keg.. my mom calls from inside says she sees cops.. i tell her i hid the shit.. i hang up.. someone says "someone is at the door." i see a head..i walk up with my icecream open the door and there is a cop..

"whats goin on fellas."
"nothing man. eatin some icecream"
"o yea.. well i heard u on the phone talk about hidin stuff"
"phone? nah man... i was talkin to these guys"
"o is that so...step out all of u and get againts the garage with hands up.. keep your fuckin hands where i can see them"

we get against the thing.. they talk shit talk shit.. ask me questions..this your house? no sir its my moms. i live at college full time. blahblahblahb.. my mom comes out... he runs his mouth to her..tryin to scare her sayin SHE bought the booze and what not and she is gettin in trouble.. she says she didnt buy nothin. the kids coulda been drinkin anywhere.

cop asks spiegal where he got the booze from cause he had obviously been drinkin.. he said he hadnt been drinkin at my house and he got the booze from a mexican at the liqour store.

i say that i had been drinkin but not at my house.. he asks about dope OF COURSE. i say i dont smoke fuckin weed and i can vouch(spllchk) for everyone else in there and say the same.

blahblahblah.. he CLAIMS someone made a call that kids were breakin windows on the same street we were on...thats a lie..#1 we didnt do it and #2 NO ONE DID.. that was made up as an excuse to bust our balls... said they got calls we were runnin through peoples back yards..yet again see #'s 1&2. he heard me on the phone YES but that was ALSO illegal and he knew it.. without a warrant u cant do that.

his plan was this..illegally enter yard and hear some shit. then just find the weakest link and drill them till they crack. yes he would have entered illegally but it wouldnt have mattered...a confession is a confession. thank god we are all smarter then that.

in the end we got off. we all survived and nothing happened cause they had no evidence...no one broke and let shit slip and they were too lazy to get a warrant. my mom told them a few guys drinkin beers in a garage aint shit when our neighbor is dealing drugs and doing them right there on his porch.

i am glad though. i am REALLY glad that
A. i didnt find patty chiappine that night to come and chill cause i wouldnt want her to get in trouble
B. kathleen had to babysit cause she asked me on the phone a few days ago what was goin down this weekend....i woulda fuckin crawled in a hole and died if either of them had to get read the riot act.

although me and nick were discussing that though, YES had the poor girl been here i would have offed myself for puttin her through it, but that to be spread eagle against a wall in the rain right next to kathleen would have been the most intense kodak moment of ALL TIME... not cause i am demented or anything but just.... i dont know...i wanna say i got boozed up then busted with kathleen fredricks...i wanna know the face she would make and the reaction..well the one before she strangled me to death....u wouldnt see me the rest of the summer. i WOULD HIDE AWAY.. only because i would want to end the summer on that note. but then again she would probably hate me forever which would be fuckin terrible so i am glad she was safely nestled in her bed at home.

dear god....it never ends... NEVER. alright...i am out dude..
peace in greece
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