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dear god... i have to wake up in 6 hours for work...help me!!

i would like to say that i am gettin slightly distrubed by a strange group of similar comments that i have received in the past 2 weeks from different people.. i will go no further cause i care not to...but still

so now for spado comments on the beach trip
"dude..i am fuckin SCARED for this beach trip. u know whats gonna happen? nick is gonna be pullin his fuckin hair out on the phone, dawn is gonna fuckin disappear all of a sudden on the boardwalk not to be found for the whole day, you and kathleen are gonna be arguing about some political bullshit and i am gonna be sittin there with my thumb in my ass. i swear dude.. i will just go to the closest bar and fuckin drink all day. i dont give a fuck" (P.S. mainly to dawn, if u see this before i talk to u, the weekend of the 14th and 15th when we originally discussed going is out.. due to special scheduling requests made by individuals who will remain nameless. perhaps the one after (20th,21th) we may go provided the weather is nice

i tried to convince him this is NOT true cause i will be swimming. and so will everyone else...even kathleen wether she knows it or not... cause we agreed that i will be serious and have a good conversation with her for the first half if she loosens up and acts immature with me for the second half... give and take give and take. that is how "my relationships work" quote quote quote..... sorry. inside joke jargon(spllchk)

i TRIED to drop vocals on shit today but unforseen ridiculous situations kept commin up that stopped me. i wont get into any of that. but they will get dropped. FUCK WHATCHA HEARD. it will get done...this is my VOW.

alright...i gotta get up soon and operate heavy machinary... i will talk to everyone later..
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