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dear god i am bored..its raining..its pretty cool..its like fuckin jurassic park island over here. i would go chill in it but its kinda cold. and i am tired.. i had to get up at 6am. i have no money. literally.. i have $3.27 in the bank and 5 in my wallet and that is ALL. i need my job to start...not in a few days....NOW. real bad. the first of 4 songs will be done tomorrow or the next day on the demo. we are doin pretty good.

i wanna be the hulk. when i get pissed i wanna turn green and 9 foot tall and just fuckin SMASH SHIT. the hulk has recently become my favorite comic character... cause he is just some dude with a short fuse who FLIPs and turns in a fuckin maniac...like me but cooler and more dangerous and greener and he pulls hot chicks in the movie unlike me who pulls no chicks at all what so ever.

i want an oreo. we have none in my house...and that is an ass feeling...i hope the weather is nice not this weekend but next...for the maybe/who knows beach trip...dawn i think said she is down, lets hope she dont forget. and we still have no answer from kathleen so we dont know if we will have to reschedule or not.... so i just continue to leave annoying and aggravating messages on her cell phone. being that this trip was inspired by her when we were one day bs'n me and the guys and discussin pong. and i suggested maybe we should do something that EVERYONE (aka kathleen) would like after is seemed as though pong is not for everyone....then i figured beach trip...

SEE. I AM THE ONE KEEPIN THIS GROUP AFLOAT.. I MIX THINGS UP AND ATTEMPT TO ACCOMODATE FOR EVERYONE. I AM THE ONE TOSSIN OUT PHONE CALLS TO EVERYONE. MMEEEEEE. and i am supposed to be the angry/immature/asshole/god complex/ugly kid of the group.... rriigghhtt. i am ELMERS GLUE.

alright..that is enough..i am goin to go pick my nose.
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