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well, i just got out of the shower....started drinkin at around...8...got home at 12, went to sleep, woke up at 4am after 4 hous of SHITTY sleep then took a scorchin(splchk) hot shower for half hour till the hot water gave out.

now i am sittin here contemplating whether i should take some more decongestant medicine..beings that i am still sick and no one cares... my sister got accepted to boston university...i hope she goes there and stays there...let boston deal with the little clepto schizo bitch for a while cause today i almost punched her in the goddamn head. why bostons at it they mgiht as well take my mom too...

back to school tomorrow...yay...unfortunately i sense drama when i get back to school...maybe i am makin it up in my head cause i actually want drama...maybe not....but i sense drama...several different kids from several different people. only things i can say in regards to that is that people wont like the newest and improved me... after some reflection over my break i have decided that if u r gonna do something, do it all the way. so i decided to be the biggest cock sucker scum fuck bag on the planet just cause that is the only thing i am good at and the only thing i know is a sure bet.

I HATE BEIN MOTHERFUCKER COCKSUCKIN BALL BREAKIN SICK....I FUCKIN HATE IT. well now that THAT is out of my system. anyone hear the new zack de la rocha shit?? do any of u know who zack de la rocha even is? well...its good shit....just heard it a yesterday....figured i would tell you.

ok i am spent...got nothin left to say....
oyea... EVERYONE GET A HOLD OF ME TO GIVE ME A YES OR NO MAY 31-JUNE 6TH no one ever specified a week it COULDNT be, besides kathleen so i should really just assume everyone is down but....we all know about assumptions....anyway...e-mail me, call me, something....we gotta get it b4 someone else does.....alright i am out...
your friendly neighborhood spiderman
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nice work peter