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well....just sent out 3 more e-mails.... so everyone is well aware, in the past two days i have made about 2 dozn phone calls/e-mails in regards to the shore house....any easy deed this is not...

i am stickin not all but a good amount of eggs in one property in ocean city that seems to be playin ball with me... it is a nice property...about 6 beds...fits 8.... whole building to ourselves....second floor balcony lookin out to the ocean..which is itself and the boardwalk apporximately 2 fotball fields worth of a walk away...that is about...i think.00000009 miles away for folks who dont watch football, 2.5 bathrooms, kitchen, central air... if we get that one it will be first week of june......the price ranges from 800-1900...in august, their last week was 1900, lets hope first week in june, there first week is 800. if so, golf clap cause we have a house, a very beautiful house actually.

if i am not mistaken this house is retned through the owner, no dick face reality place that thinks u are dumb because you are still in your sexual prime... hopefully if all goes well..we may be able to make this an every summer thing...with this as the house...

my neck hurts...i dont knwo why leroys brother uses this chair to sit in at the computer but it sucks. i am sick..my ear hurts, i cant breath, my throat feels like it is on the verge or being sore and my asshole is bleedin... well...all that except the asshole part. but STILL....i am bored...i wanna go back to school...dont know why..i am bored there alot too but still.......dont know, better to be bored in yoru own bed then in a foreign one...and my fuckin shitty ass futon is definetely fuckin foreign.
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